FEBRUARY: pisces

ORACLE – 49 – Talisman

“A lesson truly learned is crystallised as earned wisdom. You have all you need for the success you seek.”

Wisdom allows you to recognise traps on the road and familiar patterns that you want to avoid. It also enables you to quickly gather information about where you are on your journey. It helps you to recognise your allies and know how to find the best routes along the way. Now you’re at a place where you know the right things to do and the best choice to make. Whatever your inquiry, great fortune awaits you, for you have the wisdom to arrive at the right decision. You’re learned your lessons and earned the right to your success.


TAROT – the Empress – Fertility

Through this card, the manifestation of growth is on the horizon. You’re the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past – whether they were happiness, comfort, abundance, prosperity, family, children, ideas, or even thoughts – are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy. Open yourself to the life force of the universe. This card also represents femininity and Mother Earth, who is calling to you. The arms of her beauty are reaching out; she wants to embrace you on her seashores, mountains, forests and gardens – go to her and meet her halfway. Acknowledge that the same energy that makes up the heavens, earth, plants, animals, and mineral kingdom, is also a part of you. Start nurturing yourself, and infuse your soul with love and compassion. Soon others will see and feel your devotion. As you interact with others around you now, or even if you’re in the midst of solving a problem, use gentle care and kindness as you handle such situations. This isn’t a time for you to be inconsiderate, possessive, domineering, forceful, or pushy. Act from the loving space of your heart centre. The benevolent energy that resides there will assist you in making sacrifices in order to care for and help others, as well as yourself.


❤ ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Healing family issues

“Your love life benefits as you forgive your parents.”

The answers to your prayers about your love life are based in your feelings about your mother and father. The Romance Angels see that you’d benefit from releasing old anger toward one or both of them. That’s because your feelings about your parents influence your choice of romantic partner, and the way in which you deal with relationships. You can ask the angels to help you put forgiveness into action. To forgive someone doesn’t mean that you’re endorsing his or her behaviour. The angels will tell you, rather, that doing so is a form of deep emotional detoxification. It means: “I’m no longer willing to carry toxic energy within my mind and body.” When you find inner peace with your parents, you’ll no longer need to attract unhealthy relationship patterns and partners as a way of healing family emotional wounds. All of your relationships, especially the one with yourself, will benefit.


GUIDE – Indriel

“You are a light-worker. The universe needs you to shine your Divine light and love – like an angel – upon the Earth and all of her inhabitants.”

Yes, you are a light-worker. As such, you have always had a burning desire to make the world a better place. It is a deep calling that is beyond time and space. You are often called into service during ordinary circumstances, such as when you’re shopping for groceries and someone needs your help. Right now, your life’s mission is expanding so that you can reach even more people. This will require you to make some life changes that you will learn about through your inner guidance You are deeply sensitive to others’ emotions, and it is important for you to clear yourself regularly – especially after helping someone. You can call upon Archangel Michael, your other guardian angels, and me, to clear you of toxins or cords that may have resulted from your helpful efforts. You are an Earth angel, and we are happy to assist you in all ways. Just ask!

JANUARY: pisces

ORACLE – 48 – Wishing Well

“Desire is the sacred impulse for life. Feel it, but let go of all attachment to ownership.”

Desire is the most important impulse for creating life. Now you’re seeing the relationship between desire and inspiration, and sensing that moment of truth when you feel the inception of new life. It is an “Aha!” moment when everything makes sense. Perhaps you recognise a soul mate, or are conceiving a baby or an idea. The Wishing Well card awakens you to the presence of unseen forces that enable new beginnings. Divine intelligence activates the field of possibilities where new life is co-created in a magical way. Neither you nor anyone else can know how or why this happens. It just does. To that end, you can’t control the process of growth. Rather, you must step aside to be a channel for higher forces and relinquish any attachment to how this new creation should appear, or when. FOrm your intention, and take action by dropping the coin into the Wishing Well; then trust in Spirit. Prepare to be amazed.


TAROT – the Hermit – Solitude

Stop! Your soul is calling out and needs to be honoured and heard. The answers you seek aren’t necessarily found in the outer world. The time has come for you to step back and withdraw from outside commotion. The Solitude Card is a reminder of how important it is to pause, still the mind, meditate, reflect, reevaluate, and discover the wisdom and answers within the very soul of your being. When you become more aware of your soul and heart, you strengthen the link to the Divine Source; and you’re able to once again remember your true perfection. Meet your soul halfway and schedule some alone time to commune with your soul and also to give the power of spirit the opportunity to reinvigorate you with life force energy. Conserve your energy and deal with one thing at a time as you follow the prompts from within. When it comes to moments of quiet, inner solitude, it really isn’t about quantity; it’s the quality that counts. The soul constantly draws to itself what it needs in order to learn and grow. For example, during this period, someone may step into your life and by sharing his or her own experiences, you may receive helpful insight and wisdom into your own.


ANGEL MESSAGE – Archangel Metatron – Clear Your Vibes

“Thank you Metatron for clearing my energy field.”

You are being guided to clear your life of any harsh, negative or challenging energy. It’s time to make way for positive energy in your life, and the only way you can do this is by clearing your aura, body and energy. Surround yourself with positive people and uplifting environments.

The Angels are encouraging you to call on them to help you clear your life of anything that’s getting between you and inner peace. Clear any clutter from your home, office, car and anywhere else you spend time. When you clear clutter in your life, you clear psychic clutter from your energy. And when you clear your energy, you open yourself up to more abundant and spiritual experiences.

Metatron is one of the few Angels who have walked the Earth as a human being. So, he knows more than the other Angels about what it can be like to be challenged by people and situations. His name means ‘The throne next to God’ and he has a special connection to the current era, as he represents the new energy and the connections that are opening up to the other worlds and Heaven. He is the Angel who can help us connect with the wisdom of God in our daily life.


GUIDE – Mother Mary – Love and Peace

“Let go of the need to be right. Choose peace. Mother healing is possible at this time.”

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is one of the best-loved saints, masters and guides of the world. Although she has a huge part to play in the Catholic faith, she can bring faith, peace and love to anyone who calls on her. She is the saint of the people. She works directly with the angels of peace to bring healing to the world, particularly where there is conflict, and is dedicated to supporting children and mothers. She is the spiritual embodiment of unconditional love and acceptance.

It is time to let go of conflict or the need to be right. The more you fight for the point you want to prove, the unhappier you will be. Pointing out the mistakes or mishaps of others just blocks the road to love in your own life. Mary, the divine mother of acceptance, is with you now, encouraging you to forgive. Forgiveness is not about letting anyone get away with their bad choices but about choosing to create your own happiness. Mother Mary also brings healing to you and your mother. If you miss her, are out of contact with her, or have an old trauma that needs healing, know that Mary’s miraculous light is here now to wash away the darkness.


I hope you find the above insights useful and relevant to your month ahead. I encourage you to check back towards the end of January, to allow your intuition to draw connections between the above messages and the situations playing out at that time. 

If you feel called to go deeper into the energies at work in your life, you may consider a personal one-on-one intuitive guidance session. Click here to learn more. 

Sending you all my love, may cosmic light shine brightly upon your journey.


DECEMBER: pisces

ORACLE – 32 – Magic prayer

“Speak your prayers, listen for the answers, act in faith.”

When you see the Magic Prayer card, it is a reminder that your prayers will be answered. Spirit is always waiting to help you – and to heal you – when you’re in need. That said, the best prayer is: “thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.” Conscious contact with your higher power is achieved through the ritual of prayer and meditation. Speak and listen to the divine force within the field of creation. Surrender your wishes and desires to spirit. You may not get what you want, but you will surely get what you need. Your destiny awaits you. As long as you keep in conscious contact with your higher power, be assured that you are on the right path.


TAROT – Ace of Cups – Love begins

Your cup is about to overflow with joy, happiness, and positive feelings. This is the first of the Cups cards (which represent our emotions), and therefore signifies that a new “love” opportunity beckons. This doesn’t necessarily have to be physical love, but could also represent the passion and devotion for an idea, a goal, or even a new creative endeavour. This would be a perfect time to open yourself and your heart to the higher vibrations and loving energy of the universe. When past issues are resolved, when forgiveness for others as well as yourself has been attained, and when your heart is truly open and ready to receive, then new roads leading you towards love will be revealed.


GUIDE – Charity – Prayer and contemplation

“Connect with heaven. Ask and you shall receive.”

Faith, Hope and Charity are a trinity of archangels who are dedicated to helping us regain our natural traits of kindness, trust and faith in the highest good. Charity is the twin flame of Archangel Chamuel. She has a great spirit that encourages us to undertake the spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. Prayer is the way we speak with the divine and meditation is the way we open ourselves to receive the answers we need to hear. Charity is also the angel who kisses the forehead of all those who pray in support of others. She absolutely loves to see this kindness because it creates an inspirational healing wave of goodwill to the world.

The powerful Archangel Charity is drawing close to you at this time because she has recognised that you have goodness in your heart and you have put others first. She brings you thanks and support. Move into prayer and mediation with regard to any decisions you have to make at this time. You are being guided to take the time to breathe and receive. Know that you will have a real surge of intuition when it’s time to move forwards. Thank the angels for guiding you towards your highest good, and welcome Charity into the space with you.



“If you could ask a crystal ball or psychic anything at all, what would it be? Do you think you might already know the answer?”

OCTOBER: pisces

ORACLE – 31 – Dry desert

“Dig deep for inspiration and truth. Now is the time to become resilient and adaptable.”

Is your life presenting you with opportunities that seem to yield nothing? Have your ideas dried up? Does it feel like you’re on an endless journey through a dry, hot, lifeless desert? This card reminds you that there are times when you’re meant to become resilient as you journey through harsher circumstances. You’re being required to conserve your energy – until, after consistent effort, you reach the oasis you’re searching for. Consider the creatures that live in these conditions: they have adapted to thrive in spite of the outer environment. In a desert, water – essential for life – can be found deep underground. Go deep within yourself now … find your truth there. Let Spirit sustain you while you locate the real Source. Whatever it is you’re asking about will not be found in the conditions you’re in until you move past the surface of things and choose to do the real work and discover the answers deep within you. This may not seem like the most productive time, but looks are deceiving. This is a most important place to find out what’s truly right for you.


TAROT – Crown chakra

  • Colour: Violet
  • Sound: None, or Om can be used
  • Element: Thought
  • Gland: Pineal
  • Key words: “I know”

The Crown chakra is located at the top of the head and has been called “the Thousand-Petaled Lotus” or “the Receiver of Light”. This chakra is the centre of your link with the Universe, the Infinite, and your higher consciousness – it’s the connection between wisdom and spiritual insight. The crown centre is the area where ethereal light and energy are received and then dispersed throughout your aura for total wellbeing. To balance this chakra, meditation, breath work, yoga, spiritual healing, acupuncture, and colour therapy work bet. When properly aligned, your Crown chakra will expand to a point where it’s possible to access and tap into the deepest sources of wisdom.


GUIDE – Paul the Venetian – Experiencing grace

“Share your gifts with grace. Waves of inspiration and love are coming to you.”

Paul the Venetian is said to be the ascended form of Paolo Veronese, a famous artist of the Italian Renaissance. ‘The Venetian’ refers to the fact that he was connected to Venice, Italy. It is believed that on his passing in 1588 he had the opportunity to help humanity by sharing his lifelong wisdom. He is the Keeper of the Light who helps us accept our talents and hone our skills so that we can share the beauty of our soul with the world. He brings waves of good energy, grace and encouragement, and works with all artists, musicians, designers and anyone else who needs support in channelling their talents.

Whatever creative ideas you are having at this time, they are inspired by the divine. Paul the Venetian is here to help you channel your gifts. You may have felt blocked or held back in the past, but now it’s time to recognise how talented you really are. Follow your bliss and share your grace. Your creativity is a gift to the world, and as you share it with all those around you, you make space in your heart for goodness to enter. Recognise your gifts today and express your creative self in a way that suits you.



“How have you been brave recently?”


ORACLE – 32 – Magic prayer

“Speak your prayers, listen for the answers, act in faith.”

Whenever you see this card, it is a reminder that your prayers will be answered. Spirit is always waiting to help you – and to heal you – when you’re in need. That said, the best prayer is: “thy will be done through me; thy will and not mine be done.” Conscious contact with your higher power is achieved through the ritual of prayer and meditation. Speak and listen to  the Divine force within the field of creation. Surrender your wishes and desires to Spirit. You may not get what you want, but you will surely get what you need. Your destiny awaits you. As long as you keep in conscious contact with your higher power, be assured that you are on the right path.


TAROT – 2 of Wands – Waiting game

This card indicates that you’ve worked hard to set things in motion in certain areas of your life, and you’re now waiting for the results to come to fruition. The number 2 is all about choice and decision. In the past, you may have been afraid of making decisions or choices, but now you’re no longer held prisoner by this fear or the constraints of old beliefs. Expect the best and be open to the limitless power of your intuition, which is presently very strong – trust and use it to assist you. Achievement and success are assured, but once obtained, don’t let it change you – remember who you are, the effort that it took to get you to this point, and the gratitude you need to show to the people who helped you. Stay on your spiritual path, for it will continue to guide you on the journey of your soul.



GUIDE – Lady Nada – Heart awakening

“Awaken to acceptance and divine love. Give and receive in balance.”

Lady Nada is said to be another incarnation of Mary Magdalene, but even if she is, the energies are slightly different. Lady Nada is a mighty spiritual priestess of love who once existed in the land of Atlantis. She is the light force that helps us awaken our heart to the divine love we all deserve; the light keeper whose essence allows the light within our heart to expand, revealing a true, real, naked and vulnerable aspect of our soul. She brings an opportunity to experience divine love, whether through a relationship, adventure or experience.

The cave of your heart is opening wide for you to experience divine love. You have an opportunity to overcome past pain, heartbreak and let-downs. This is a wonderful time to cherish and love yourself and then allow yourself to be cherished and loved by others. If you feel love revealing itself clearly in your heart, have courage and move into a state of trust. You are reminded that when true love is present – when divine love is present – there are no obstacles to overcome: it will be there, clear, pure and real for you to experience. Your relationships are being brought into harmony on all levels of your life. Give and receive divine love with yourself and all those around you.



“Is exercise sacred to you? How do you move your body and how does that expand your health and wellbeing?”