ORACLE – 44 – Strength

“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You can connect with and channel the power of the universe. The Strength card indicates that your ideas are being tested and refined and your relationships are being deepened. No matter what happens, nothing can move you off the course of evolution. As the potency of your connections becomes more obvious, you’re able to harness the creative energies that are available to you. Have courage and dive in, for magic is the process of finding a form to take. When you remember that real strength comes from a combination of your efforts and reliance on a higher power working through you, all is possible. You can do anything now.


TAROT – Heart chakra

  • Colour: green
  • Sound: yam
  • Element: air
  • Gland: thymus
  • Key words: “I love”

Parallel to the heart, this chakra represents unconditional love, compassion, harmony, relationships, and healing. It’s believed to be the link between your mind, body and soul. Balancing this area may take awhile, but you should allow all the time that you need so the healing energy can get through and flow freely. By loving yourself and others – as well as learning forgiveness – you’ll become more attuned with spirit.


❤ ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Keep an open mind

“Your soul mate may differ from your usual type and expectations.”

The Romance Angels sent you this card as a reminder to stay open to the possibility of your soul mate appearing in a form that may differ from what you expect. This is especially true if you tend to date a certain “type” of individual. You drew this card to help you discover your soul mate. This card may signal that you’ve already been introduced to this person but have overlooked his or her romantic potential. Take the time to get to know the various individuals you meet, even if there isn’t an initial attraction. At the very least, you will learn more about yourself and make a new friend.


❤ BONUS ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Let your friends help you

“Ask for and accept support from others.”

The Romance Angels are helping you via other people, to the degree that you’ll allow this assistance to occur. This card indicates that you need to be more willing to ask for guidance, especially within the context of your love life. For instance, discuss your feelings, hopes, and dreams. Then, allow others to help you. Perhaps they’ll offer support, give advice, or even know of a potential partner among their acquaintances. This card is a signal that you’d benefit from spending quality time with your friends. If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll get renewed enthusiasm by having regular outings with good friends. If you’re single, then spending time with those special people will get you out of the house, and bring in fresh energy. Your friends may also introduce you to a wonderful romantic partner.


GUIDE – Aurora

“You are flying high right now, which may threaten others. But don’t descend, because others will soon become inspired by your example.”

Your intentions have created an upward trend in your life. New opportunities are coming your way, and your inner and outer self radiates this positive growth. You may worry that others will be jealous of your current and forthcoming success, so you will be sensitive about discussing your achievements. You may also worry about the future, about where your new path is taking you. You may wish for a guarantee of future success. I am here to help you enjoy the present, and the process of your new venture. Trust that each moment is taking care of itself. The universe has always taken care of you, and it always will. Ask me to help you stay focused on the now, and to let go of the worry habit so that you can enjoy these gifts. Gratitude is essential right now … to keep your flight at a high altitude.



ORACLE – 13 – Solitude

“I am comfortable in my own skin, as I detach to replenish my soul.”

Meditation is required when you receive the Solitude card as a sign. Empty your mind of superfluous thoughts, and allow stillness to flow through your whole being. This is not an advantageous time to ask questions or push forward in any way. Rather, it’s a period for a conscious retreat. What’s called for now is to step back and take your focus off of your life and your troubles. You’ll be surprised by how things sort themselves out once you’ve replenished your energy by means of a much needed rest and time-out.


TAROT – 5 of Wands – Obstacles & Challenges

This card represents the obstacles, power struggles, and challenges that you must face in order to overcome them. This could be a difficult period to get through, but it’s not impossible if you open your mind and see the bigger picture of how something went wrong. Don’t get caught up in it, just pause and stand back for clarity – observe where adjustments are required or which decisions may need to be changed to enable you to move forward in a positive direction. Life really is all about learning; don’t play the victim. Take the knowledge you’ve gained from this experience so that you can apply it to similar situations in the future. This card often comes forth when competition is around you, whether it’s in your personal or business life. This is an excellent time to think creatively and ask yourself, how can I make myself shine above all the rest?


ANGEL MESSAGE – Move Your Body

“Thank you Angels for motivating me to move my body and energy.”

Your Angels are encouraging you to get moving. It’s time to get motivated and energised! You may feel stagnant or held back at this time, but the only person who can get between you and your goals is you! Take steps towards anything that you’ve been putting off, as this will get your energy moving and you’ll be more open and receptive to new and exciting experiences.

You may feel stagnant, but that’s OK, because now is the time when things are beginning to move again. Distance yourself from the energies that are standing in your way and make space for the thrilling opportunities that are being offered to you. If you’ve been putting off an exciting venture for some time, you’re being encouraged to go for it now! Your Angels are the wings on your back and they want you to spread them now.


GUIDE – Lady Nada – Heart Awakening

” Awaken to acceptance and divine love. Give and receive in balance.”

Lady Nada is said to be another incarnation of Mary Magdalene, but even if she is, the energies are slightly different. Lady Nada is a mighty spiritual priestess of love who once existed in the land of Atlantis. She is the light force that helps us awaken our heart to the divine love we deserve; the light keeper whose essence allows the light within our own heart to expand, revealing a true, real, naked, and vulnerable aspect of our soul. She brings an opportunity to experience divine love, whether through a relationship, adventure or experience.

The cave of your heart is opening wide for you to experience divine love. You have an opportunity to overcome past pain, heartbreak and let-downs. This is wonderful time to cherish and love yourself and then allow yourself to be cherished and loved by others. If you feel love revealing itself clearly in your heart, have courage and move into a state of trust. You are reminded that when true love is present – when divine love is present – there are no obstacles to overcome; it will be there, clear, pure and real for you to experience. Your relationships are being brought into harmony on all levels of your life. Give and receive divine love with yourself and those around you.


I hope you find the above insights useful and relevant to your month ahead. I encourage you to check back towards the end of January, to allow your intuition to draw connections between the above messages and the situations playing out at that time. 

If you feel called to go deeper into the energies at work in your life, you may consider a personal one-on-one intuitive guidance session. Click here to learn more. 

Sending you all my love, may cosmic light shine brightly upon your journey.



ORACLE – 46 – Coming apart

“Now is the time to take separate paths.”

The Coming Apart card is a sign to put an end to what is no longer working for you. Has a commitment been broken? Perhaps you need to break a promise, or change course because you took on more than you can handle. This is a perfect time to reassess your goals and values. Are your actions in alignment with what you believe in? Have you created a partnership that is not mutually beneficial? Separation, dissolution, and dispersion are all in focus now. If someone wishes to break away from you, don’t chase the relationship out of a sense of fear. The price you’ll pay will not be worth the prize. Separation brings good fortune.


TAROT – Temperance – Balance

This card represents the need for balance and harmony with your inner life, as well as what’s surrounding you in the physical world. This denotes that some lifestyle adjustments are required at this time. It could be associated with love, relationships, business, or even your career. The Temperance card is also being shown to you to make you realise that what you perceive to be happening around you is really an externalisation of an inner process or conflict that you may be currently experiencing. This card will often appear if you work in the legal field or when you’re involved in law-related matters. Have faith that justice will triumph, as justice and karma go hand in hand. Take only what you’ve earned, treat people fairly, and don’t take advantage of anyone – this is all part of living a balanced, karmic life. When determining something, there must be a state of balance – emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually – so that you can make rational decisions and logical judgements. This is a time to be honest and caring and responsible for the choices that you’ve made as well as the ones that will be made in the future.


GUIDE – The Shekinah – Sacred Self

“Unleash your spirit. Express your gifts. Dance to the sacred rhythm of life.”

The Shekinah is the twin flame of the Holy Spirit. It is the female energy of the God-particle or creation energy. ‘She’ is more of an essence than a being, but has the ability to show ‘herself’ in ways that we will understand. She is acknowledged in the sacred teachings of Judaism and also called ‘the Sophia of Christ’ in the Gnostic gospels. She is a powerful female voice of spirit who is here to bring about equality and to help the world move on from the ‘male-only’ image of God. She reminds us that God is all loving and all accepting. Whenever she appears in a reading, she points out the change-makers, the love-creators and gift-sharers of the world, who are here to unite all hearts around the world.

Don’t feel the need to hold back or dampen your spirit – this is a time to celebrate. There is a feeling of dance and joy around you at this time as you fully recognise your splendour. You are a sacred being who defies gravity every day just by being alive, and who brings a sense of balance and equality to the world.



“How would you describe your true essence or nature in three words?”


ORACLE – 34 – Spark

“You are a clear channel of Divine creativity.”

There is a spark of creativity in you, and you have every reason to move forward with optimism and hope. Open yourself to inspiration and allow life to show you its beauty and your part in co-creating it. This is the perfect time to give birth to an idea, start a new relationship or job, or begin any endeavour. Attraction is high as you connect with others who can co-create joyous experiences and join with you in expressing the finer aspects of life. Watching a spark turn into a flame and stoking that fire is a gratifying activity.


TAROT – 7 of Swords – Deception & envy

To be forewarned is to be forearmed. This card comes at a time when individuals or conditions aren’t what they appear to be. How well do you really know the people around you? Are they telling you everything you need to know? In business, make sure you gather all the necessary information so that you’re aware of and understand all the facts before continuing. You’ve worked hard; don’t let others take from you what’s rightly yours. Unfortunately, some people may be envious of your accomplishments. This card also represents a time of sudden and unexpected changes, or when plans that you’re undertaking may not turn out exactly the way you envisioned. Have a Plan B as a fallback strategy to prevent future problems. Use this card as a reminder to be prepared – it’s better to be safe than sorry.


GUIDE – El Morya – Awakening presence

“The universe is with you. Wear a cloak of protection and love.”

El Morya is a spiritual name that was given to protect the identity of Ranbir Singh, a spiritually aware man born into a powerful family that ruled Kashmir (a region in the Indian subcontinent) in the 19th-century. It is said that he interceded both spiritually and physically to stop the British invasion of the region in 1845. This wise soul is now able to help us remove any energy from our life that is not serving our connection to God. He is a wonderful guide to call on if we are unsure if something is real or not. He helps awaken our I AM presence, which is our truest connection to our soul and to the universe itself.

Spiritual protection is important at this time. Ensure that you are cleansing your energy before putting on protection. El Morya is here with a legion of angels to help you understand where you are at right now, fire up your divine connection and detach from dramas, people, places and emotions that no longer serve you. Remember that within you there is a mighty soul light. Allow that light to shine through your entire being. Then call on El Morya and his angels to surround you in a light that will keep you safe on all levels. Also know that facing fears and seeing the truth will strengthen your connection to the universal life-force.



“What experiences or people are you most grateful for at the moment?”


ORACLE – 2 – Gentle gardener

“Be your own person. Be a conscious co-creator.”

This card is visiting you at this moment in your life to remind you that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create the reality you experience. She is the embodiment of the energy within you that is sent out into the field of co-creation and ensures that all you are is reflected in the world of form. Are you aware of your thoughts? What is their quality? Believe in limitless possibility and you will see miracles unfold. The Gentle Gardener guarantees the integrity of everything you send out into the world. Stay positive and expect a wondrous return. Your garden is abundant with beauty.


TAROT – 3 of Cups – Rejoice in celebration

A time of merriment, celebration, birth, success, and victory is at hand. You’re doing what you love most and are pursuing your passion. When you follow your heart and intuition with zeal, there are no limits to what you can achieve. When the energy of excitement and love is present, you can feel it moving within you. Somehow, love has a way of showing you that you’re connected to something much larger than yourself. The number 3 symbolises unity and a time to rejoice in gratitude and sharing, whether it’s with family members, friends or even co-workers. This is the moment of fruition for all of your dedicated work – so pat yourself on the back, and party and dance in celebration of your accomplishments!


GUIDE – Holy Amethyst – Divine alchemy

“Move beyond current challenges. Focus on what you desire.”

Holy Amethyst is the twin flame of Archangel Zadkiel, the angel who helps us transmute negative experiences into love and learning. He is the keeper of the violet flame, which helps us release anything that is no longer serving us. Holy Amethyst also enables us to look over our past fears and challenges and draw wisdom and learning from them. Unlike Zadkiel, for many years she was not mentioned in spiritual texts, and I believe this was because her miraculous support wasn’t needed on Earth as it is now. To connect deeply with her light, hold her namesake crystal.

You are ready to move beyond energies or situations that are no longer helpful to you and make space in your life for something more purposeful. You may feel a real need for clearing out – not just mentally or emotionally, but physically too. There is a sense that you are moving beyond challenges and forging golden opportunities from stagnant or unhappy experiences. It’s important to recognise that you are like a magician at this time, with the ability to use your thoughts, will and actions to bring about life-fulfilling and dream-enhancing opportunities. It’s important to focus on what you desire and not what you fear, because what you give your energy to will literally begin to flourish. Call on Holy Amethyst to help you focus on golden opportunities.



“What is a soul mate to you? Who are the soul mates in your life?”