FEBRUARY: gemini

ORACLE – 54 – Encouragement

“You are receiving a nudge in the right direction.”

This card tells you that you’re being gently encouraged to step into your power, into the dream of your life. New things are out there to be explored, and the nurturing power of the the universe is giving you a nudge in the right direction. You will get the help you need and won’t be alone in your quest. Every step you take right now is supported by the wisdom of the universe! You are on the right path … keep going!


TAROT – 9 of Earth – Material harvest

One of the laws of the universe is: what you sow, you reap. This card states that this is your time to reap the harvest you’ve worked for and so rightly deserve. This last Earth Card denotes self-mastery, self-sufficiency, independence, security, and the art of enjoying what you’ve strived for. You’ve done the hard work, learned the lessons along the way, and used them to prosper in all areas of your life. The number 9 also means endings – not that good fortune necessarily stops, but do honour yourself as you finish up projects. This would be the perfect time to look ahead and use the wisdom you’ve gained to think about what else you want to achieve. Consider smart investments, and ponder ideas that show profitable potential. Congratulations on your success – you’ve earned it!


❤ ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Stay optimistic about your love life

“Positive thinking and faith will bring you romance.”

The Romance Angels send you this card to remind you that you have a strong influence upon your love-life satisfaction. If you’ve been complaining or worrying lately, the angels guide you to shift to a more optimistic perspective. Even if you’ve had your romantic hopes repeatedly dashed, there’s still reason to hold faith that real love can be yours … if you believe it! Today, take action steps to positively manifest the love life you desire. Whether you’re single or in a partnership, begin by visualising yourself as romantically happy and satisfied. See and imagine yourself with a wonderful partner who embodies the qualities that are important to you. Imagine that person appreciating and loving you, too. You can write lists and conduct journalling sessions about your feelings, hopes, desires and intentions. You can also create a ‘dream board’ with images and phrases related to your love-life goals pasted onto a poster board. Daily, look at this dream board with positive intent, and follow any inner guidance to take actions related to your dreams. Your positive outlook will make you a more physically and energetically attractive person, which will definitely help your relationship with yourself … and everyone else, too.


GUIDE – Bethany

“When you take excellent care of yourself, everybody benefits. Give yourself a relaxing treat today such as a massage, sea salt bath, or pedicure.”

You are a giver, and the universe loves you for that. But now is the time to give to yourself. I am helping you to spiritually open your body through the process of relaxation. So, you see that relaxing has its own productive side to it! The more that you allow me and the other angels to give to you, the more you will be able to give to others. Your soul has called out, begging for some rest and relaxation. You have been working ceaselessly, and you have been juggling many other people’s interests. Now, it is time for your reward. This is a directive from the universe: take care of yourself, and don’t allow yourself to be swayed from this important mission. Take steps right now to create time for relaxation. You will feel happier and have more peace of mind as a result, which will benefit everyone in your life.

JANUARY: gemini

ORACLE – 44 – strength

“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You can connect with and channel the power of the universe. The Strength card indicates that your ideas are being tested and refined and your relationships are being deepened. No matter what happens, nothing can move you off the course of evolution. As the potency of your connections becomes more obvious, you’re able to harness the creative energies that are available to you. Have courage and dive in, for magic is in the process of finding a form to take. When you remember that real strength comes from a combination of your efforts and reliance on a higher power working through you, all is possible. You can do anything now.


TAROT – The Hanged Man – Sacrifice

Powerful achievements are usually born as a result of great sacrifice. This card represents self-sacrifice and a time when you should look around your life to see what needs to be released. By surrendering and letting go, there will be more room to receive. The rewards for this are transformation, wisdom, gratitude, and enlightenment. This card signifies that there’s a situation happening (or about to happen) in your life, and you can’t control the outcome. This would be a good moment to pause, rest, have patience, reflect, and meditate. It would be wise to stand back so you can learn to look at events  with a more understanding and intuitive eye. Try to view people, issues, or problems from a different perspective. If you can achieve this, it will have a profound effect on your soul and your life. The Sacrifice Card can also symbolise a period of transition and change. The solutions you seek may be slow in coming, for it could be necessary to live into the answers. Accept the things you can’t control, heal and leave the past behind, move towards your future, and watch for new doors opening and paths that are being shown to you.



“Thank you Sandalphon for delivering my prayers to Heaven.”

The Angels want you to know that the prayers you’ve sent to Heaven have been heard. They are encouraging you not to ask for help, but to accept it. They send an answer to every prayer you send in their direction, and are encouraging you to fill your prayers with loving thoughts and gratitude. Instead of asking for specifics, thank the Angels for guiding you to the best possible outcome for your highest good.

You may be feeling that your prayers aren’t being heard, but this isn’t true. Your Angels are encouraging you to shift your perceptions and see that prayer isn’t about hoping the future delivers the answer, but knowing the answer is already here and coming to you now, in the present moment. Archangel Sandalphon is drawing close to you at this time and is here to help you formulate your prayers to Heaven in a positive and loving way. Pray and trust – Angels are always listening.

Sandalphon is the master of song and the Archangel who delivers our prayers to Heaven. He is the Angelic postman who ensures that our positive thoughts, prayers and intentions are received by the divine. He has a copper aura and is the twin brother of Metatron. He has the powerful ability to help us connect with God and the Angels in a level-headed and grounded way, because he was once human. He knew so much that when it came to his passing, he ascended to Heaven and was transformed into an Archangel. You are blessed to receive his guidance.


GUIDE – Lady Venus

“Truth is being revealed. Deep insights are coming from heaven and the astral realm.”

Lady Venus is the twin flame of Sanat Kumara and is said to reside on the astral realm surrounding the planet Venus. The light beings of Venus, known as Venusians, are now coming to light-workers on Earth to help them with their connections, understanding and capacity to share divine love. Lady Venus us a wonderful keeper of the light to call on when you are trying to forge a connection with the heavens, or finding if difficult to understand the signs, symbols and guidance that are being sent to you physically or through meditation. She also allows us to connect with or focus on particular energies so we can understand them more. If you are studying a spiritual subject at this time, call on Lady Venus to help you.

Hearing high-pitched noises, seeing flickers of light and having the sense that beings are visiting you in your sleep are all signs that you are receiving ‘downloads’ from heaven. Whenever this is happening, spend some time in contemplation so that you can ask the universe what you really need to know. Know that the universe sees you as capable of holding soul-centred information that will help you and others reach a new level of understanding.


I hope you find the above insights useful and relevant to your month ahead. I encourage you to check back towards the end of January, to allow your intuition to draw connections between the above messages and the situations playing out at that time. 

If you feel called to go deeper into the energies at work in your life, you may consider a personal one-on-one intuitive guidance session. Click here to learn more. 

Sending you all my love, may cosmic light shine brightly upon your journey.


DECEMBER: gemini

ORACLE – 9 – Storm Fields

“This, too, shall pass.”

An uncomfortable chaos is surrounding you. Things that you’ve left unattended may be the cause of some conflict. Pent-up energy needs release, just as a storm in nature must break, for these events occur when the electricity between opposing forces stirs things up and creates temporary disorder. Not all storms are destructive. Rather, they serve nature by bringing rain to the ground and wind to the trees, enabling seeds to be widely distributed and continuous growth to be ensured. Just remember that whatever is being stirred up inside you – or between you and another – will benefit you later. The sun will shine again and new growth will be observed. Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little.


TAROT – Wheel of Fortune – Destiny

Good luck and fortune are now in your favour. A cycle of change, success, and growth is imminent. Life ebbs & flows in its natural journey, and the Wheel of Fortune signifies that good karma has come full circle – Lady Luck is pointing directly at you. What you sowed, you’re about to reap. Open up your heart, and accept and receive what you’ve earned. Opportunities, whether expected or unexpected, are knocking at your door. This is a time to allow your problems to be replaced by solutions. Believe in destiny as you learn to let go of old issues. You’re being given the chance to understand the lessons and gain the wisdom from the past, enabling you to move forward in a positive direction. Holding on to a strong belief that you deserve to be happy and prosperous and have abundance in all areas of your life is the key. This confident mindset will show you that the impossible can indeed become possible. With this card, take advantage of all opportunities! Act now, take responsibility for your actions, and enjoy the fact that destiny is presently in your favour. Don’t always rely on luck, however, for the wheel most definitely will turn again.


GUIDE – Green Tara – Supreme protection

“You are protected. Cords are being cut. Move beyond limitation. Trust.”

Legend has it that Avalokitesvara, the personification of perfect compassion, was looking down on the Earth one day and cried tears when he witnessed all the suffering in the world. When the tears hit the Earth, a lotus formed, from which Tara, the goddess of compassion and light, was born. She has many forms based on different colours; when green, she brings a light of protection and safety with her. Always compassionate and loving, she helps us move into a new state of being and doing.

You are safe. Protection is all around you. The worst is behind you and you are ready to move beyond the challenges that were set out for you. Cords are being cut between you and your past so that you can feel energetically clear and aware. Don’t worry about recalling fearful experiences – they aren’t going to be recreated now. Just acknowledge them and leave them behind so you can step into a space of spiritual and personal freedom. Green Tara has placed a force-field of complete love and acceptance around you. She is here to tell you that you no longer need to build up walls around your heart, and that it’s safe to trust what you feel and who is in your life today.



“Do you set intentions? What are your recent intentions and how are they shaping your life?”

OCTOBER: gemini

ORACLE – 35 – Education

“Life is filled with lessons. Be teachable.”

Wisdom comes from participating in life, not just reading about it. This card suggests that you might not have enough knowledge about what you seek, the direction to take, your circumstances, or the nature of your inquiry. Important information is coming. Now is the time to go to school, ask a person who might know more than you do, or find a teacher or a course of study so that you can more clearly understand what the next right action might be. Sometimes life unexpectedly sends you to an unfamiliar school, and you must learn by experience. Now is a time to be teachable, open to changing your preconceived notions. Be a student, and be willing to state the most powerful mantra of all: “I don’t know – yet.”


TAROT – Ace of Swords – Triumphant success

This card signifies that new beginnings and exciting challenges may be before you. By utilising your strength, willpower, determination, and focus, there’s the potential for you to reign triumphant in many areas of your life. Since a sword is double edged, it can cut through all the barriers that hold you back, if it’s done constructively and with precision. Remember that there’s another side to the blade however. If you’re rash or use it in a destructive way, it could be harmful to yourself and others – always pause and think before you act. This card is a reminder to vanquish negative thoughts from your mind, strengthen and tap into your mental powers, and use clarity with control in order to initiate new ways of thinking.


GUIDE – Charity – Prayer & contemplation

“Connect with heaven. Ask and you shall receive.”

Faith, Hope and Charity are a trinity of archangels who are dedicated to helping us regain our natural traits of kindness, trust and faith in the highest good. Charity is the twin flame of Archangel Chamuel. She has a great spirit that encourages us to undertake the spiritual practices of prayer and meditation. Prayer is the way we speak with the divine, and meditation is the way we open ourselves to receive the answers we need to hear. Charity is also the angel who kisses the forehead of all those who pray in support of others. She absolutely loves to see this kindness because it creates an inspirational healing wave of goodwill to the world.

The powerful Archangel Charity is drawing close to you at this time because she has recognised that you have goodness in your heart and you have put others first. She brings you thanks and support. Move into prayer and meditation with regards to any decisions you have to make at this time. You are being guided to take the time to breathe and receive. Know that you will have a real surge of intuition when it’s time to move forwards. Thank the angels for guiding you towards your highest good, and welcome Charity into the space with you.



“Do you meditate? What’s your meditation style and how does it make a difference in your life?”


ORACLE – 15 – One ring circus

“You are capable and competent!”

Independence is key now as you step into your journey today. Others may not have the vision or resources that you need. Recognise that all the wisdom you’ve acquired along the way makes you particularly competent, capable of moving forward with assurances. Self-reliance is important. Another aspect to consider is creating and maintaining clear boundaries between you and another. Be discerning about your partnerships at this time. When you know who you are, and have a healthy sense of where you end and the others begin, you’re able to enter into the best kind of relationships and will attract people who mirror back your wholeness. Interdependent relationships are always mutually supportive, stimulating, and transformative. You can achieve anything at this time.


TAROT – 4 of Cups – Discontent & boredom

This card signifies a time when you may experience stagnation, discontent, and boredom. Feelings of restlessness and impatience surround you. A relationship, project, or situation isn’t moving forward fast enough and could be draining you emotionally and energetically. You’re longing for change – and although one door may be closing, don’t focus all of your energy on it, as opportunity will soon knock. A window or another door could quickly open, and if your attention and awareness isn’t focused, you could easily miss it. Watch for synchronistic events that bring books, speakers, workshops, and new people into your life. Any of these could possibly hold a message for you. Have faith in divine timing, and know that everything changes for a reason. This card acts as a reminder that it’s a perfect time to reevaluate and search within your heart and soul for fresh insights.


GUIDE – Cernunnos – Life force

“Express your driving passion. Sensual and sexual powers are increased.”

Cernunnos (pronounced Ker-nun-os), also known as Herne, is a Celtic stag god who represents connection to the Earth He is one of the oldest recognised Celtic gods and features on the Gundestrup cauldron, a giant silver vessel from the Iron Age. He is the lover of the Great Mother and impregnates the land so that it will be filled with life. He can help us form a connection with the animal spirits and ancestors of our land.

There is a deep build-up of life-force within you now, and a need to channel it into action. You may have extra energy or be more alert than usual, or be aware  of a sense of increased sensual or sexual energy. If you have been unsure how this ties into your spiritual path, know that it can allow you to access the richness of your soul. When we are not expressing ourselves sexually, our spiritual potential can become tamed or muted, so if you are denying yourself a desire, ask yourself how you can fulfil it. As Cernunnos to help you access you sexual self so that you can express it with integrity, and in a way that honours your soul. If you and your partner are trying for a child and this card appears, fertility is very possible, especially if Brigid, Cernunnos’ twin flame, is present too.



“Is there anything holding you back from fully owning and expressing your true self or spirituality?”