Once upon a time, my life looked different. I was different. I saw the world differently. I moved through the world differently.

But then things started to change, I started to change. Things looked different, and felt different too.

Something happened, something tipped the scales and suddenly I woke up. That’s honestly the only way I can describe it. Like I was moving through my life in a daze beforehand and then suddenly was faced with reality.

I started to face the darkness inside of myself, I stopped running away from all the things that hurt or felt uncomfortable. I started to shine the light of my self-awareness into those spaces. And what a gold mine I ended up finding.

It was hard. It fking hurt a lot. I revisited things I didn’t want to, memories I had buried, hurts I had carried for so long, stories I had told myself for years about who I was and what I was capable of.

I was faced with myself. The choices I was making. The world I was creating around me.

I realised I had the complete potential to change anything I saw that I didn’t like. I realised that letting go, shedding skin, and becoming a better self was the best decision I would ever make.

I realised it would be a process, that it would take time, and that it wouldn’t be a straight line either but ups & downs, as the rest of my life had shown me to be true. Growth spurts.

But I knew this was the path I had to take.

I started learning, reading, watching, thinking, processing. I started looking after myself better, my mind, body, heart and soul.

I started spending time with myself, just hanging out and getting to know the person I truly was, deep down. Away from all the BS of the world, away from other people, away from distractions. Just me. Myself. I.

Sharing my journey in this space has been foundational these past few years. And I absolutely love nothing more than connecting with other like-minds who are walking their own path of self-discovery and transformation.

What a magical world we live in! When you truly stop to appreciate all that is around us, this incredible planet, the amazing souls we share the journey with, the endless opportunities to learn & to grow, to be better & to do better. My God, what a wonderful world.

❤ thank you for being here, for sharing this space with me. I can’t wait to get to know you better too.