Signing off, for now

Something I’ve realised lately, or rather, something that is coming into focus for me at this time, is that sometimes I jump the gun on sharing pieces of myself and pieces of what I’m learning, with the world.

Even though it’s always with the best of intentions, I know that sometimes in my excitement over a new insight or new piece of information, I rush to put it out there for everyone to share in, without properly integrating that wisdom into myself.

I’ve been reflecting on this lately, as I look to my year ahead and consider how I want it to unfold. What do I want to manifest for myself and my life? How do I want to live? What do I want to spend each day doing? How do I want to feel while doing those things? And the core question bottom-lining it all, how can I be of greater service to the world?

My daily prayer is, “heal me and guide me, so that I may be of greater service to others.” This is my mission. This is my purpose. This is my WHY.

To be here. To live. To exist.

To learn and to grow.

To help and to heal.

To empower and uplift.

To be of service.

I so desire to forge deep connections with like-minded people. I so desire to serve a large audience, to impact change on a large-scale.

I so desire to see the lives of those I love shift and change in response to the brave inner work they commit themselves to.

I so desire to see the world around me rise up in light and in love, in consciousness, in healing, in health, in happiness.

I ask myself daily, what can I do to further these ambitions. How can I show up bigger and better. How can I be of greater service to the world?

Well, I’ve come to a conclusion. And the fact that it is sure to challenge me, tells me it is exactly the move I need to make.

So, here is me, Boldly She, signing off for a month.

No blogging.

No Facebook.

No Instagram.

No online activity (bar the odd FB message for those who can’t reach me via text or phone call).

I’ll miss being here, connecting and communicating with you all.

But right now, I know that what I need most of all is to connect deeper with myself and communicate clearer with the universe.

You can find me amongst the trees, hanging with Mama N. Or at the beach listening to her ocean melody. Or under the stars, connecting to those cosmic origins from whence we all came.

I wish you all the most amazing February! Don’t let these eclipses rock you too hard, ride the waves, allow what comes up for you to teach you what it needs to, and allow what falls away to go graciously from your life.

You’ve got this.

And the universe has got you.

All my love,


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