Super Blue Blood Moon x Leo

(Art – IG @ketnipz)

Everything is teaching us something. Everything is giving us choices and opportunities. Everything happens for a reason.

Our task, as humans having this life experience, is simply that, to have a life experience.

So the question is, what are we experiencing?

What are we choosing to experience?

How are we choosing to experience things?


At every moment we have a choice, and the best possible choice we can make, is in service to our highest selves; the choice that feels the best, that resonates at a deep core level.

It’s so easy to move through the world completely unaware or ourselves and our surroundings. It’s how we’ve been programmed. Buy this and you’ll be happy, look like this and you’ll be happy, go here and you’ll be happy. Media, marketing, music – it’s all in our face, all the time. Telling us to go this way and that way; but just like the donkey & the carrot, the destination / the prize keeps moving further & further ahead.

What if we could stop for a moment, get quiet with ourselves, and assess the state of our lives, our own happiness and fulfilment?

What if we could be honest with ourselves, about who we are, and the ways in which we may have been selling ourselves short as we move through the world?

What if we could truly reach our fullest potential, achieve our craziest far-out dreams, and live lives that absolutely fill us up, each & every day?

Well, buckle your seat-belts homies, cos we are in for a big one this week. 




This next full moon is also a supermoon, a blue moon, and a total lunar eclipse, happening in the fire sign of Leo.

A “FULL” moon happens when the sun & moon are directly opposite in our skies, highlighting conflict or opposition between our head (the sun) & hearts (the moon).

A “SUPER” moon means that the moon is closest to the earth in her elliptical orbit, so she is brighter in our skies and her energetic pull is stronger.

A “BLOOD” moon is another way of saying that this will be a total lunar eclipse, which happens when the earth is between the sun and the moon, so the earth’s shadow falls over the moon’s surface, tinging her red in our skies.

And a “BLUE” moon means this is our second full moon of the calendar month. With our first falling on 2 January 2017, and no full moons next month during February, this is a pretty rare occurrence.

So, what does all that mean for us?


With the moon (our emotions) in leo, the ultimate ego sign, and the sun (our ego) in aquarius, the sign of the collective, the interconnectedness of our inner & outer worlds is up for review. As with all polarity points on the zodiac wheel, we are asked to find the balance, to find the sweet spot here on Earth, smack bang in the middle of it all. To be here now.


“As above, so below.”

My favourite one-liner. Our inner worlds and outer worlds are reflections of one another. The chaos and pain we see playing out collectively across the globe, is a mirror manifestation of that which we are each individually feeling and healing within.

All is being brought up to be seen, both in our personal lives and the wider reality. It all must be faced, and must be loved, before it can be released.

And that’s what an eclipse is ultimately about.

Eclipsing something out.


Setting ourselves free.


“To heal the world we must first heal ourselves.” 

This full moon lunar eclipse completes a cycle initiated 6 months ago, with the new moon solar eclipse that happened in leo in early August last year.

Think back, recall, what we have been moving through since then? How have our lives changed? Both internally and externally?

How are we a reflection of our environment? Those people, places, or things we give our time to? What influences are we open to, either conscious or otherwise?

How is our environment a reflection of us? What are the moments of happiness, tension, or anxiety, truly mirroring back to us? Where is the joy? Where is the pain?

We must dig deeper, ask ourselves why we feel the way we feel, and then take action accordingly.


We mustn’t rush, we must tread slowly, mindfully. With gratitude and love to ourselves and each other as we navigate these waters, individually and together.

Too often we are focused on the end goal, and in the rush to get there we forget the point, that it’s meant to be fun!

We’re meant to enjoy ourselves along the way!

This month’s eclipse is highlighting the above with aspects to Jupiter (abundance, growth, expansion) and Venus (beauty, joy, sensual enjoyment).

So kick back, take a breath, take stock.

Thank yourself, thank the universe, thank your guides.

And have some fun! Make some magic! BE YOU! Be your best & brightest self. Let your light shine for all to see. And watch how the world changes before your very eyes, into the world of your dreams.


Sign specific guidance for the Super Blue Blood Moon X Leo – questions to consider, and a galactic guide who’s got your back.

Read for your sun, moon & rising signs if you know them (click here to learn how), to get a more accurate and unique picture of how these energies might be playing out for you.



What will you do today, to live in alignment with your higher self?

SANAT KUMARA – Light Activation

  • “Shine your light. Your internal guidance is coming through loud & clear.”
  • Sanat Kumara, which means “Eternal Youth”, is an advanced cosmic light being who is dedicated to helping the Earth rise up towards the light. He is, as far as I’m concerned, the leader of the Keepers of the Light. He has been acknowledged as a god in Hinduism and in the Mahabharata  story, which has come down from heaven bearing God’s divine plan. In more recent times he has been acknowledged as coming from Venus and bringing through unconditional love. He has eyes that are made of the cosmos, with the ability to penetrate the soul and activate its brightest light yet. He can seem otherworldly because his looks are beyond human. He is a being of light, shining with the purest intentions. His twin flame is Lady Venus. Together they activate the heart and light of those who welcome their help so they can shine brighter than ever.
  • You are here to light up the world. You may feel that you are being pushed or that there is a lot going on at once, and this is because your energy is magnetic to others and they want it in their life. Take the time to listen to your inner voice. Remember the cosmic light of heaven and draw it into you. That is all you need to do to inspire the world.



Where are you playing small in your life? In what ways could you shine bigger and brighter?

KRISHNA – Devotion

  • “Trust your spiritual guidance. Your commitment has been recognised. You are loved unconditionally.”
  • Krishna is a Hindu god who is known as Mahavatar (great avatar) and embodies divine wisdom. One of India’s best-loved gods, he is an approachable, kind, loving and supportive guide. He is a peaceful being with a great love for all people and animals. He is often depicted with a calf or a lamb, which is a symbol of innocence, and a peacock feather on his head, which is said to honour the divine feminine. He was the spiritual guide of the warrior soul Arjuna, as related in the Hindu epic Bhagavad Gita (which really is a story of choosing love over fear), and helps us move beyond the limitations and wars our ego creates in our mind, and maybe even in the world around us. His twin flame is Radha.
  • You have a deep spiritual connection and must trust the guidance that’s coming through. Your devotion to the spiritual path has been recognised. It may feel as if you’ve been on a mental/emotional battlefield, but there are sweet messages of hope around you now. Krishna is here to boost your sense of connection to the divine and encourage you to act from your soul. If a decision needs to be made, ask yourself what will honour your soul and those around you. If you can choose the best for all involved then you will feel even closer to the divine.



What kind of music brings you to life? Are there any singers or musicians who move your soul?

THE MYRIAM – Sacred Vision

  • “Choose to forgive in order to heal. See the light in all. Remember that love has no boundaries.”
  • The Myriam, which means ‘the Beloved’, are twin flame angels who come as one. They are mirror images of each other. They are the angels who appeared to Mary Magdalene in the tomb of Jesus after his passing. These angels spoke directly to Mary and helped her move beyond her grief so that she was able to commune with Jesus once more. They can help us move beyond the cloud of grief too. They heal grievances of all kinds, including ones that have been created by religion or the idea that God does not love or accept us because of a mistake we once made. The Myriam help us remember that we don’t need to ask God for forgiveness because ‘he’ never condemned us in the first place.
  • There is a real opportunity for you to move beyond grief or grievance at this time. The Myriam are here, swirling their holy light all around you so that you can regain a sense of union with spirit. You are loved beyond words. Choose to see the light of God in everyone and everything and to love without boundaries. Honour others and honour yourself with your sacred vision. You are in a space of deep healing and forgiveness. Choosing to see the light of the world will help you grow even more.



Do you make time to play? How do you play and how does this make you feel?

KALI-MA – Facing Fear

  • “Major spiritual changes are unfolding. This is your chance to soar.”
  • Kali-Ma is the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth. She brings old cycles to an end so we can experience transformation. She is a strong, fierce, fiery and powerful image of the divine feminine. Many have been intimidated by her, but she is a mother energy and therefore completely loving – she’s like a fierce mother protecting her child from harm. She has a dark energy like the night sky, but it consumes fear and leaves only love. She is the twin flame of the god Shiva and has even been known to slay his ego so that he can reveal his true loving self.
  • This is a time when you are able to look fear in the eye and move away from it. Fear is just energy, and energy can be changed. This can be an intense experience because the human self is so conditioned that it may be used to operating with fear present. When the fear is gone, it may feel as though an emptiness is there, but this is space for love and miracles to enter. You are being filled with the courage of spirit now so that you can move from this phase of your life to the next. Trust the process and call on Kali-Ma to help you release your fear and step into a space that’s strong, focused and courageous.



Do you notice the energy in and around you? In what ways are you protective or conscious of your energy?

JOAN OF ARC – Voice of Truth

  • “Stand strong. Focus on your purpose. Release the fear of persecution and speak your truth.”
  • Joan of Arc was a medieval French peasant girl who is reported to have been visited by Archangel Michael and other saints, who gave her information on how she could help Charles VII save France from English domination. She was only a teenager when she went into battle for her country and won a huge victory. She was, however, later captured and burned at the stake. These days she is a supremely loving guide to all those who want to stand up against the odds. She also helps many light-workers overcome their fear of persecution.
  • You are being encouraged to stand strong. You may feel unrecognised and misunderstood, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the mission you feel called to fulfil. You must follow the will of your soul and exercise your leadership spirit by speaking your truth. You may feel as if you are on a battlefield, but this conflict will come to an end as soon as you stop defending yourself. You are not here to prove yourself to others. Instead, approve of yourself. Know that your angels are on your side and that heaven is thanking you for being the honest soul you are.



What experiences or people are you most grateful for at the moment?

CHARITY – Prayer and Contemplation

  • “Connect with heave. Ask and you shall receive.”
  • Faith, Hope and Charity are a trinity of archangels who are dedicated to helping us regain our natural traits of kindness, trust and faith in the highest good. Charity is the twin flame of Archangel Chamuel. She has a great spirit that encourages us to undertake the spiritual practices of prayer and mediation. Prayer is the way we speak with the divine and mediation is the way we open ourselves to receive the answers we need to hear. Charity is also the angel who kisses the forehead of all those who pray in support of others. She absolutely loves to see this kindness because it creates an inspirational healing wave of goodwill to the world.
  • The powerful Archangel Charity is drawing close to you at this time because she has recognised that you have goodness in your heart and you have put others first. She brings you thanks and support. Move into prayer and mediation with regard to any decisions you have to make at this time. You are being guided to take the time to breathe and receive. Know that you will have a real surge of intuition when it’s time to move forwards. Thank the angels for guiding you towards your highest good, and welcome Charity into the space with you.



If you didn’t need to earn money, would you still work or volunteer? What would you do and why?

GAIA – Earth Connection

  • “Be mindful of the planet. Come back to Earth. Stay grounded.”
  • Gaia is Mother Earth. She is the Keeper of the Light who holds the planet in her hands and heart. Her kiss is on every animal’s forehead. She is the life that moves through the plants, the sweetness within the honey, and the force that encourages bees to fly. She loves, protects, and guides all beings. She asks us to love them too. How can we help them? How can we help the planet?
  • You are blessed to receive this Great Mother card today because it shows that the Earth itself, through the image of Gaia, is protecting your path. You are a strong, focused and loving individual. Stay grounded and don’t allow your imagination, ego or fears to run away with you. Ensure your choices are for the highest good. Gaia is also bringing her motherly love to you and encircling you in a cocoon of peace. If you have had troubles with a mother in your own life, or are feeling disconnected from, or grieving your own mother, Gaia helps revitalise that connection and will bring healing where it is possible. If you are a mother and are worrying about these duties, know that Gaia is thanking you for your hard work and commitment. The Earth is blessed to have you.



How can you make today richly soulful, spirited, and special?

THE DIVINE DIRECTOR – Intervention and Purpose

  • “Divine intervention is occurring. Know that you are being guided. Happiness is your purpose.”
  •  The Divine Director is a facet of the heart of the Creator. According to New Thought teaching, his energy is merged directly with God’s divine plan so that we can access it and understand on a deeper level what will support our true function, which is to be happy. The Divine Director works directly with angels, and in particular guardian angels, so that they can fulfil their role of supporting the Earth and all her people. Right now your angels are reminding you that your divine purpose on Earth is to remember how to love and do what makes you happy.
  • Divine intervention is taking place at this time – what is occurring in your life is providing a real learning curve for your soul. You are becoming aware of a sense of purpose in your life. It gives you pleasure rather than something you have to work for. Know that your career can complement your purpose but not define it. But the path you are on at this time is right, and the universe is encouraging you to move forwards.



Do you pray? Who do you pray to? Why is prayer important to you?

ODIN – Psychic Insight

  • “Your third eye is open. See truth for what it is. Follow your intuition.”
  • Odin is the Norse ‘all-father’ god and is revered to the present day. He is a powerful, all-seeing, and all-knowing god. His twin flame is Freya and, like her, he has a raven totem. The story goes that he surrendered one of his eyes at a mystical spring called Mimir so that he could gain the wisdom of the ages. He is a strong but somewhat wild character who helps us reawaken our natural psychic instincts and open our third eye so that we can look beyond the physical senses and into the spiritual realms. He also helps us recognise that it’s okay to have insights into what’s happening next. After all, we are the creators of our own path. Odin guards the runic alphabet, too, and works closely with signs, symbols and omens.
  • You are being encouraged to look beyond what your physical eyes are showing you. Look within and follow your intuition or psychic visions. You may want to plan ahead at this time. It’s important to keep your mind and energy focused on the best possible outcome. There will be signs and symbols from the light to tell you that you are on the right path. Be aware of winged beings gracing your path as a wink from Odin and the light keepers to say that they are honouring your work.



Where is your life out of balance? Indulge your intuition for a moment and ask your inner self what you need to feel whole, balanced, and well?

FAITH – Humanity and Benevolence

  • “Stay calm. Trust the good in yourself and others. See the light in the world.”
  • Faith is the archangel who is focused on bringing out our benevolence. She is the twin flame of Archangel Michael and is on a divine mission to help us recognise that humans are basically good and aligned with love. Just like her name, she is all about faith and trust. She reminds us that the world has taught us to believe that we are separate from love, and that if we begin to see the good in others, then we will start to cultivate a loving experience of the world around us.
  • Stay calm and breathe. You are a divine being of love who has done so much good in the world. You may be going through personal transformations and feel that you’re not getting anywhere, but Archangel Faith is drawing close to guide you beyond the limitations that your ego or fears have created for you. You may be trying to work out whom to trust. First trust yourself. When you do this and recognise that you are made of love, you will attract those who reflect that love and can enjoy true friendships and loving relationships. Know that good is here to stay.



Do you pay attention to your dreams? What messages or guidance have they been giving you lately?

HORUS – Cosmic Gateway

  • “Your thoughts are magnetic and powerful. Miraculous changes are occurring.”
  • Horus is the Egyptian eagle-headed god and son/twin flame of the goddess Isis. He is known for his foresight, psychic awareness and ability to travel between the worlds. He can help us move into the cosmos with our mind, mediations and prayers, so that we can harness the natural magic that surrounds us. He was known for ritual magic in the past, and now he helps create pockets of energy in the world where we can access light, wisdom and insight. If you are seeing the symbol of an eye appearing around you, know that Horus is asking you to become aware of how you are influencing the energy around you, and how it in turn is influencing you.
  • You are connected to the universe and have the ability to manifest miraculous experiences. Your thoughts, words, and actions are like magnets drawing the energy that creates and cultivates your world. You have a stellar gateway chakra above your head, a vortex of energy that is influenced by your own energy. You can place ideas into this vortex to create what you are seeking. The universe also offers you guidance, abundance, support and healing based on your capacity to connect to it and accept it. You have a real opportunity to further that connection now by sending prayers and intentions out into the cosmos.



What soulful habits or rituals would you like to weave into your life on a daily basis?

CERNUNOUS – Life-force

  • “Express your driving passion. Sensual and sexual powers are increased.”
  • Cernunnous (pronounced Ker-nun-os), also known as Herne, is a Celtic stag god who represents connection to the Earth. He is one of the oldest recognised Celtic gods and features on the Gundestrup cauldron, a giant silver vessel from the Iron Age. He is a lover of the Great Mother and impregnates the land so that it will be filled with life. He can help us form a connection with the animal spirits and ancestors of our land.
  • There is a deep build-up of life-force within you now and a need to channel it into action. You may have extra energy or be more alert than usual, or be aware of a sense of increased sensual or sexual energy. If you have been unsure how this ties into your spiritual path, know that it can allow you to access the richness of your soul. When we are not expressing ourselves sexually, our spiritual potential can become tamed or muted, so if you are denying yourself a desire, ask yourself how you can fulfil it. Ask Cernunnous to help you access your sexual self so that you can express it with integrity, and in a way that honours your soul. If you and your partner are trying for a child and this card appears, fertility is very possible, especially if Brigid, Cernunnos’ twin flame, is present too.

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