FEBRUARY: pisces

ORACLE – 49 – Talisman

“A lesson truly learned is crystallised as earned wisdom. You have all you need for the success you seek.”

Wisdom allows you to recognise traps on the road and familiar patterns that you want to avoid. It also enables you to quickly gather information about where you are on your journey. It helps you to recognise your allies and know how to find the best routes along the way. Now you’re at a place where you know the right things to do and the best choice to make. Whatever your inquiry, great fortune awaits you, for you have the wisdom to arrive at the right decision. You’re learned your lessons and earned the right to your success.


TAROT – the Empress – Fertility

Through this card, the manifestation of growth is on the horizon. You’re the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past – whether they were happiness, comfort, abundance, prosperity, family, children, ideas, or even thoughts – are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy. Open yourself to the life force of the universe. This card also represents femininity and Mother Earth, who is calling to you. The arms of her beauty are reaching out; she wants to embrace you on her seashores, mountains, forests and gardens – go to her and meet her halfway. Acknowledge that the same energy that makes up the heavens, earth, plants, animals, and mineral kingdom, is also a part of you. Start nurturing yourself, and infuse your soul with love and compassion. Soon others will see and feel your devotion. As you interact with others around you now, or even if you’re in the midst of solving a problem, use gentle care and kindness as you handle such situations. This isn’t a time for you to be inconsiderate, possessive, domineering, forceful, or pushy. Act from the loving space of your heart centre. The benevolent energy that resides there will assist you in making sacrifices in order to care for and help others, as well as yourself.


❤ ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Healing family issues

“Your love life benefits as you forgive your parents.”

The answers to your prayers about your love life are based in your feelings about your mother and father. The Romance Angels see that you’d benefit from releasing old anger toward one or both of them. That’s because your feelings about your parents influence your choice of romantic partner, and the way in which you deal with relationships. You can ask the angels to help you put forgiveness into action. To forgive someone doesn’t mean that you’re endorsing his or her behaviour. The angels will tell you, rather, that doing so is a form of deep emotional detoxification. It means: “I’m no longer willing to carry toxic energy within my mind and body.” When you find inner peace with your parents, you’ll no longer need to attract unhealthy relationship patterns and partners as a way of healing family emotional wounds. All of your relationships, especially the one with yourself, will benefit.


GUIDE – Indriel

“You are a light-worker. The universe needs you to shine your Divine light and love – like an angel – upon the Earth and all of her inhabitants.”

Yes, you are a light-worker. As such, you have always had a burning desire to make the world a better place. It is a deep calling that is beyond time and space. You are often called into service during ordinary circumstances, such as when you’re shopping for groceries and someone needs your help. Right now, your life’s mission is expanding so that you can reach even more people. This will require you to make some life changes that you will learn about through your inner guidance You are deeply sensitive to others’ emotions, and it is important for you to clear yourself regularly – especially after helping someone. You can call upon Archangel Michael, your other guardian angels, and me, to clear you of toxins or cords that may have resulted from your helpful efforts. You are an Earth angel, and we are happy to assist you in all ways. Just ask!

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