ORACLE – 44 – Strength

“Your true strength comes not from self-reliance alone, but from a sincere faith in a higher power.”

The strength to accomplish even the most daunting tasks is yours at this time. You can connect with and channel the power of the universe. The Strength card indicates that your ideas are being tested and refined and your relationships are being deepened. No matter what happens, nothing can move you off the course of evolution. As the potency of your connections becomes more obvious, you’re able to harness the creative energies that are available to you. Have courage and dive in, for magic is the process of finding a form to take. When you remember that real strength comes from a combination of your efforts and reliance on a higher power working through you, all is possible. You can do anything now.


TAROT – Heart chakra

  • Colour: green
  • Sound: yam
  • Element: air
  • Gland: thymus
  • Key words: “I love”

Parallel to the heart, this chakra represents unconditional love, compassion, harmony, relationships, and healing. It’s believed to be the link between your mind, body and soul. Balancing this area may take awhile, but you should allow all the time that you need so the healing energy can get through and flow freely. By loving yourself and others – as well as learning forgiveness – you’ll become more attuned with spirit.


❤ ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Keep an open mind

“Your soul mate may differ from your usual type and expectations.”

The Romance Angels sent you this card as a reminder to stay open to the possibility of your soul mate appearing in a form that may differ from what you expect. This is especially true if you tend to date a certain “type” of individual. You drew this card to help you discover your soul mate. This card may signal that you’ve already been introduced to this person but have overlooked his or her romantic potential. Take the time to get to know the various individuals you meet, even if there isn’t an initial attraction. At the very least, you will learn more about yourself and make a new friend.


❤ BONUS ROMANCE ANGEL MESSAGE – Let your friends help you

“Ask for and accept support from others.”

The Romance Angels are helping you via other people, to the degree that you’ll allow this assistance to occur. This card indicates that you need to be more willing to ask for guidance, especially within the context of your love life. For instance, discuss your feelings, hopes, and dreams. Then, allow others to help you. Perhaps they’ll offer support, give advice, or even know of a potential partner among their acquaintances. This card is a signal that you’d benefit from spending quality time with your friends. If you’re currently in a relationship, you’ll get renewed enthusiasm by having regular outings with good friends. If you’re single, then spending time with those special people will get you out of the house, and bring in fresh energy. Your friends may also introduce you to a wonderful romantic partner.


GUIDE – Aurora

“You are flying high right now, which may threaten others. But don’t descend, because others will soon become inspired by your example.”

Your intentions have created an upward trend in your life. New opportunities are coming your way, and your inner and outer self radiates this positive growth. You may worry that others will be jealous of your current and forthcoming success, so you will be sensitive about discussing your achievements. You may also worry about the future, about where your new path is taking you. You may wish for a guarantee of future success. I am here to help you enjoy the present, and the process of your new venture. Trust that each moment is taking care of itself. The universe has always taken care of you, and it always will. Ask me to help you stay focused on the now, and to let go of the worry habit so that you can enjoy these gifts. Gratitude is essential right now … to keep your flight at a high altitude.


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