FEBRUARY: cancer

ORACLE – 50 – Compass

“As long as you orient your compass to True North – the direction of your higher power – you will never be lost.”

You’re encountering uncharted territories right now and can expect wonderful new experiences. To stay on the highest path of your destiny, you’ll need to keep your compass pointed to True North. Only Spirit, or a higher power, can serve this function. Money, property, prestige, romance, and other material achievements can’t help you find your true path. They are simply things you may experience along the journey. Know that Spirit is working in your life, so even if you feel lost temporarily, it will be easy to find your way. Have faith and trust, for your compass, with Spirit as True North, will ensure that you’ll never be lost – even on a starless night when all seems dark.

TAROT – 1 of Water – Love begins

Your cup is about to overflow with joy, happiness, and positive feelings. This is the first of the Water/Emotions cards and, therefore, signifies that a new “love” opportunity beckons. This doesn’t necessarily have to be physical love, but could also represent the passion and devotion for an idea, a goal, or even a new creative endeavour. This would be a perfect time to open yourself and your heart to the higher vibrations and loving energy of the universe. When past issues are resolved, when forgiveness for others as well as yourself has been attained, and when your heart is truly open and ready to receive, then new roads leading you toward love will be revealed.


“Enjoy the bliss of holiday time together.”

This card indicates the need for a getaway to nurture romantic love. The specific application of this message depends upon the person who is inquiring. For some, this card has a literal meaning: you are going away with your new spouse following your wedding. For those already in a longtime partnership, this card speaks to reigniting the spark by taking a romantic holiday. It can also relate to the honeymoon period of a new relationship. And for still others, this card indicates that you will meet someone special while on a vacation.

GUIDE – Adriana

“I am leading you toward the answer to your prayers. Please listen to and follow the steps I am communicating through your intuition, thoughts and dreams.”

We have heard your prayers, and we are glad that you asked us to help you. As you may know, we can only help you if you request assistance. The way that we angels answer your prayers is by giving you guidance that will lead you to take the steps toward your higher self’s will. Notice repetitious thoughts and feelings; or vivid visions, dreams, or auditory messages. These are my loving messages, urging you to take action or make changes. I will make sure that you are safe while you follow this divine guidance. together, we will work to co-create your answered prayer.

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